Sports Accomplishments

The miracle man
At a young age I remember praying that God would show me what I could be the best in the world at... or at least one of the best... I remember praying and believing that he would lead me in every way towards that goal..
So as I got better in armwrestling I always prayed for direction... to this day we pray to start off our practices and have produced Mike Selearis, Paul Walthers, Danny Habig and Bobby Buttafuco. I've always seriously kidded with people telling them that G-d was my manager..

I was led to exercise in different ways such as swinging on a swing for back pressure... playing handball for side pressure...and doing strange pull ups for back pressure... Many times I've come across wrestlers who are just too strong in the hand for me and I find my self pulling my hand with my arm right out of the start...

The matches where I think I learned my most important strap techniques were against Allen Fisher and Andreas Lundstrum at the South Street Sea Port Yukon World Tournament., In other words, I learned my best techniques in the middle of the match. The best armwrestlers who've influenced me are Dave Patton, Lestlie Whims, Bobby Brown, Cobra Rhode and Allen Fisher...and of course Gerald Dees, Paul Walthers, Junior Hostler, George Gibbons, Gorden Gifford (what endurance) and Bobby Butafuco have all given me some black and blues I'll remember.

The directors that helped me out and encouraged me were Butch Bonnier, Al Verelli, Ray Darling, Gene Camp, and the wrestler that brought me to my first tournament was John Stazzone.

Professional Armwrestlers Hall of Fame - 2007:
Men 166-176: Rustam Babayev, Bill Ballinger, Ed Baxter, Frank Bean, Gregg Bednarz, Simon Berriochoa, Chris Chandler, Bill Collins, Todd Demasseo, Denis Dubreuil, Allen Fisher, Cvetan Gashevski, Dave Hicks, Rett Houdek, Kenny Hughes, Ryan Hutchings, George Iszakouits, Yoshinobu Kanai, Osgur Kisgin, Artem Klimenko, Aaron Lengyel, Mike McGraw, Dave Patton, Cobra Rhodes, Fred Roy, Andreas Rundstrom. Engin Terzi, Vepkhia Samkharadze, Chad Silvers, James Smith, Craig Tullier, Jason Vale, Tony Villa, Bert Whitfield, Kazbek Zoloev