Thomas( Tom ) Engleman
Jason... God Bless You. You probably won't remember me but we met on line 11 years ago. That was right after I had my left kidney removed due to 10cm renal cell carcinoma tumor, which was erupting from the kidney. We talked on the phone and I had gotten apricot seeds from you... plus your video and other information. I talked with your Mother... over the Internet when you were in prison. I am still eating apricot seeds and I have not had any cancer recurrence as of this date. I have told a number of people about you and apricot seeds and your having to go to prison, which I will never understand. I am 67 years old... retired but still working occasionally and I play guitar and resonator guitar. My wife and I have two married daughters and six grandchildren. My wife and I attend a small church in Hellertown, Pa. We pray for folks all the time and have had you and your family in our prayers for a long time. We will add you to our Prayer Circle at this Church and ask God to heal you and comfort your family. Thank you for sending me this email... and if you wish... send me your phone number and a preferred time to phone you. I am so glad you are back home! Best Regards,

Deepak, India
Hai Jason, I don't know if you remember me.. I am Deepak From India. I had written to you about my mothers pancreatic cancer about an year ago. We used the apricot seeds and B 17 along with other treatment. Today she had a check up with ultra sound and It reported no tumor in the pancreas and liver and gave a clean bill of health, PRAISE THE LORD I cant thank you enough for your support and guidance. May GOD bless you in all of your endeavors to help other people. your ever thankfully

Joan Gates
Sept. 2001. Joan Gates was diagnosed with bladder cancer in 1997 after an operation. 8 weeks later is recurred. She took BTG and waited three months and there were 10 tumors back but had not penetrated the bladder wall. She put her on BTG again and it failed. In Feb of 1998 they didn't find cancer but put her on a monthly dose of matamycine. At the end of 1999 the cancer had broken through the bladder wall. She had our information in her Bible from back in 1998 but did not do anything about it. In 1999 after her last operation, she went to a nutritionist and they said to eat apricot seeds, juice carrots, take vitamin A and lessen meats. THE CANCER HAS NOT RETURNED, IT'S BEEN ABOUT 30 MONTHS.

Maggie Smithhart
Maggie Smithhart’s mother was diagnosed in 99 and was given about ½ year to live with radiation or without and 1-2 years to live with chemo. She had one chemo session and her lung collapsed. She took IP6 and her lung got better right away. She started taking the seeds and the extract and was doing fine until she couldn’t get the seeds from us and had to stop taking them. She was rehospitalized and then we told them of another place to get the seeds and shortly after starting again, she got better. Upon checkups the doctor keeps telling Maggie to take her mother home and make her comfortable. It’s 2001 and Maggie’s mother feels good and is going to start the coral, Megazyme and the DMSO.

Henry Reily
Came to us in 1995 Diagnosed with aggressive prostate cancer via biopsy the psa was 11 and Gleason score was 7. He started the apricot seeds and other vitamins and supplements. The cancer stopped but he opted to get an operation and have radiation seeds implanted in 1997 two years later. In only a year after the operation and the implants the cancer was back in full force, he had stopped the apricot seeds and vitamins at the time believing he was cured and didn't have to maintain. Believing the conventional medicine cured him the PSA started going back up and in 1999 the PSA was up again and the biopsy in showed the cancer in 3 out of 11 places. The Gleason score was at 8. The doctors sent him home and basically said, good luck in your last year or so. He called us back up again and started the seeds and other vitamins and is feeling good. He still dabbles with conventional drugs.