Jason Vale armwrestler released from Prison

An Arm-Wrestler’s Over-the-Top Journey 

Meet Jason Vale: champion arm-wrestler … cancer survivor … convicted felon.

Mr. Vale, 40, grew up in Whitestone, Queens. He excelled on the handball court, in neighborhood pool halls, and on the drums in his church band. But his real forte was as an arm-wrestler. He captured city, state, national and world titles throughout the 1980s and ’90s.

He also beat cancer. Twice, doctors told him that he had fatal tumors. And twice, he survived. The second time, he refused radiation and chemotherapy in lieu of an alternative treatment consisting of eating apricot seeds. The seeds have laetrile, which some people consider an alternative cancer-fighting agent — and the government considers a fraud.

A government-financed medical study by major cancer researchers in the 1980s determined that laetrile had no therapeutic benefit for patients. A 1982 study published in the New England Journal of Medicine found that 90 percent of the patients’ cancers became worse within three months after treatment started and fewer than 20 percent of the patients were still alive after a year.

But Mr. Vale used his platform as an athlete to promote the seeds as “the answer to cancer,” and also began selling them online. He was one of the early Internet spammers, sending millions of e-mail advertisements.

Federal Food and Drug Administration officials warn that not only are the seeds not a cancer cure, but that they may contain harmful amounts of cyanide. Agency officials accused Mr. Vale of profiting from desperate cancer victims, and in 2000 got a court injunction to stop him from selling the seeds as a cure. Mr. Vale changed his marketing and had relatives handle the seeds, but he was arrested and, in 2003, convicted of criminal contempt of the injunction and sentenced to five years at the Federal Correctional Institution at Fort Dix in New Jersey.

Mr. Vale was released recently and has returned to competitive arm-wrestling. He spent part of his sentence in solitary confinement, where he kept in shape by doing push-ups and pull-ups, he said, but he is hardly back to championship form.

“I want to be No. 1 again, not for myself, but as part of my mission to show the world the power of apricot seeds,” he said recently at his house in Bellerose Manor, Queens.

Mr. Vale is up against an old foe again. He has a tumor in his kidney for which he is refusing standard medical treatment in lieu of the apricot seeds.

Dr. Miguel Cima, a rheumatologist in Garden City, N.Y., who has examined Mr. Vale, said he recommended immediate surgery to remove the tumor but that, “Jason believes in this type of treatment, and this is what he wants.”

Mr. Vale takes a pre-medical curriculum at Queens College and works out with hulking men who tear in half phone books and decks of cards, and roll up frying pans, as shows of strength. Mr. Vale holds his own popular Thursday night arm-wrestling practices in his garage in Queens, which includes Bobby Buttafuoco, a top arm-wrestler and the brother of Joey Buttafuoco.

The arm-wrestling scene in New York City is a tight-knit brotherhood of eccentric (and often well-tattooed) men. Mr. Vale said he recently bought a former city bus to transport the competitors to various tournaments.

“Jason was at the top of his game when he went to jail and I think he could definitely get back on top as a world champ,” said Gene Camp, founder and president of the New York Arm Wrestling Association. “He never gives up and that kind of willpower helped him view cancer as another opponent he was going to beat.”

This month, Mr. Vale took second place in the 31st annual White Castle Empire State Golden Arm Tournament of Champions in Manhattan, where after competing he showed a group of people an open hole in the left side of his torso through which he could exhale, because of a puncture in his lung.

I met Mr. Vale perhaps 15 years ago and wrote an article on him for a Queens weekly newspaper. He managed Royal Billiards parlor, in Bayside, and kept an arm-wrestling table there where he would take on all comers. This was before he had started buying apricot seeds in quantity. He was buying peaches by the case and cracking open the seeds with a hammer.

As a child, Mr. Vale learned arm-wrestling from his father and practiced competing against his aunts. His thick right forearm now dwarfs his left. He was the lightest arm-wrestler to ever win the world title as a super heavyweight, said Dave DeVoto, 77, president of the World Arm Wrestling Federation.

With exceptional technique and mental toughness, he has become known for beating much bigger opponents. Some arm-wrestlers like to hook and twist the opponent’s wrist. But Mr. Vale prefers the “over-the-top” motion, bending back his opponent’s wrist and forcing his way almost over the top of the foe’s fingers.

Mr. Vale’s sale of seeds has been publicly debated and was presented to Congress in 2000. As a spammer, his case was detailed in “Spam Kings,” by Brian McWilliams.

Even the federal judge who presided over Mr. Vale’s trial, Judge John Gleeson in Brooklyn, found it intriguing.

Before sentencing Mr. Vale to 63 months in prison, according to court transcripts, Judge Gleeson remarked that “the crime is mitigated by the fact that there is a germ of legitimacy to Mr. Vale — that is, he believes these apricot seeds work, whether as a curative or a preventative.”

The judge mused on the possibility of “someday people will look back on those who sold apricot seeds to cure cancer the way we now look back on the prosecution of Galileo for saying that the earth revolved around the sun.” Medical reviews over the years have found no such evidence, however.

Mr. Vale, who has filed an appeal of the conviction — “just to prove that I was right” — seems intent on making such authorities eat their words, and to get cancer patients eating apricot seeds.

“The same way that arm-wrestling gave me an edge against cancer, as a competitor, the apricot seeds are also an edge,” he said. “They are the answer to cancer.”


Jason Vale and the Cancer Mafia 

Jason Vale, a former arm wrestling champion who cured his cancer with natural means and who felt he should help others cure themselves as well, has run afoul of - the Cancer Mafia.

Vale was tried and is awaiting sentencing - expected for 19 December - for violating an FDA order to cease selling apricot seeds and any extract from them such as laetrile, while promoting them as a cure for cancer.

The FDA's approach practically makes treatment with laetrile or vitamin B 17 illegal, because no pharmaceutical company can make enough money selling them to make it worth going through the registration process. As we see, the pharmaceutical monopoly on disease is eliminating a cure that is not in its financial interest.

Why is Laetrile Treatment Illegal ?
Why doesn't the whole world know about this ?
The Answer : $ money $

(The original article with some further links is here)

Because the pharmaceutical multinationals are unable to patent or claim exclusive rights to the vitamin B17, as it is derived from a natural source (The Prunus Amygdalis Rosacea family), the multinational pharmaceuticals launched and have continued to launch attacks of unprecedented vicious propaganda against B17 despite the hard proof of its effectiveness in controlling all forms of cancer which is available in overwhelming abundance.

The cancer industry is a $200 Billion a year industry. That's right not $200 million but $200 BILLION !!!

Now if you had a large interest in such a huge market wouldn't you try to protect your industry and market share? Of course you would. And that's exactly what has happened and is happening today. Unfortunately we find ourselves living in a time where lies and deceit have been and are being used by government national bodies and foundations which were designed to research cures and treatments for cancer, not to focus on protecting their significant financial interest.

Did you know the wealthiest non profit institution on this planet is the American Cancer Society ?

Did you know the worlds largest private cancer center Sloan-Kettering Memorial Hospital (SKMH) was established by Wall Streets top Banks and Corporations including a large interest from the Rockefellers. In today's society do the major corporations and banks place people before profit? Of course not!! Every day our newspapers in Australia tell us a story where our Banks and major corporations are putting profit before people.

Did you know that the major generous donators and financial contributors to the Sloan-Kettering Memorial Hospital include all the major chemical companies that actually supply the chemotherapy and drugs used to treat patients at the hospital ! 

Companies such as Bristol Myers spend over $1 billion dollars annually on cancer research to improve or introduce new chemo drugs. Bristol Myers supplies over half the worlds chemotherapy drugs. So they have a significant interest in the cancer industry. So significant is their interest that the board members that chair the largest cancer drug and chemical companies also chair or are board members of all the major cancer institutes. Funny that, one would think there is a conflict of interest here. They get around this simply by either not taking a salary or making it a voluntary position with the cancer centres. After all, the chemical companies pay them more than enough for being board members of the chemical companies themselves. For example Paul A Marks who is president and CEO of the Sloan-Kettering Memorial Hospital and is also Director of Pfizer which manufactures chemotherapy and cancer related drugs.

Also James Robinson is a board member of the Sloan-Kettering Memorial Hospital and also a Director of Bristol Myers one of the largest suppliers of cancer chemotherapy and other cancer drugs. You will find most of the executives that chair or are board members of all the top cancer organizations also chair or are affiliated with one or more of the major cancer drug multinationals. As mentioned, they get around this conflict of interest most of the time by not taking a salary from either the research center or the drug company. Either way its a huge conflict of interest in my view.

This is why the Sloan-Kettering Memorial Hospital (SKMH), National Cancer Institute (NCI), American Cancer Society (ACS), Food and Drug Administration (FDA) & the American Medical Association (AMA) are involved together to ensure they persecute and squeeze out any threats to their market. Even if it costs millions of lives and even if the therapy works, if its a threat they will stamp it out...

It is scary to know that the very government regulatory agencies themselves, such as the US Food & Drug Administration and Britain's Medicines Control Agency, which are supposed to protect the public from potentially dangerous products coming onto the market are horribly compromised because of ties with the chemical/drug industries that make cancer drugs.

A USA TODAY analysis of financial conflicts at 159 FDA advisory committee meetings from 1st January - 30th June 2000 found that at 55% of their meetings, more than half of the FDA advisors had conflicts of interest!!!

These cancer organizations are run by business leaders, bankers and board members of the cancer drug companies that supply chemotherapy drugs to the market. Because many of today's known carcinogens are by-products of profitable industries of which these same board members have financial interests in, their aim is to prevent cancer preventions and prevent any natural or non chemical therapy from entering the market. It’s a perfect Cartel between these giants of big business. John Reed a director of SKMH is also a director of tobacco giant Philip Morris.

For example... The way the current system is setup thanks to the FDA and AMA, did you know it now costs over $100 million to develop a new drug in America. They have literally setup a monopoly situation. It’s a poker game and the ante is $100 million if you want to play.

In 1982 Dr Richard Crout of the FDA made his agency's position very clear: "I never have and never will approve a new drug to an individual, but only to a large pharmaceutical firm with unlimited finances".

The problem here is the processing of Laetrile cannot be patented. It’s a natural product. you can't make millions or huge profits like cancer drugs generate. As Edward G Griffin puts it "So no substance from nature will ever be legally available for cancer unless its source can be monopolized. No matter how safe and effective it may be, and no matter how many people may have benefited, it will forever be relegated to the category of unproven therapies making them illegal to prescribe, to promote and to use".

Laetrile and all other natural products, used in treating cancer are a threat to their profits.


Jason Vale risks prison for apricot seeds 

Jason Vale, a cancer survivor, former arm wrestling world champion and self-described entrepreneur, who is on trial for allegedly violating a government order that he stop promoting the use of apricot seeds as a cure for cancer faces a possible prison sentence, according to an article be Nathan C. Masters, correspondent of CNSNews.

The trial, which lasted from Monday 14 July through Thursday, is now adjourned and the jury is expected to deliver its verdict in a matter of days.

Update 22 July 2003

Jason Vale held without bail, pending sentencing, after a jury found him guilty of ... selling apricot seeds.

FDA Commissioner McCLELLAN stated that "The FDA takes seriously its responsibility to protect patients from unproven products being peddled on the internet by modern day snake oil salesmen such as the defendant in this case. There is no scientific evidence that Laetrile offers anything but false hope to cancer patients."

Cancer Survivor Faces Possible Prison for Selling Apricot Seeds

By Nathan C. Masters
CNSNews.com Correspondent
July 18, 2003

(CNSNews.com) - Federal jurors in Brooklyn, N.Y., must decide the fate of Jason Vale, a cancer survivor, former arm wrestling world champion and self-described entrepreneur, who is on trial for allegedly violating a government order that he stop promoting the use of apricot seeds as a cure for cancer.

Closing arguments in the case were held Thursday with Vale serving as his own attorney and accusing the government of setting him up. But Vale's alleged defiance of the Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) consent decree, issued in 2000, could land him with a 20-year prison sentence. The FDA claims the Apricot pits, more than 100,000 of which federal agents reportedly seized in a raid on Vale's basement, have no therapeutic value.

Vale was diagnosed with terminal cancer in 1986 and suffered from the disease for eight years, enduring chemotherapy, radiation treatments and an operation to remove a tumor. But in 1994, Vale saw a video touting apricot seeds as a cure for cancer and began taking the seeds, which release organic cyanide into the system. Vale claims his use of the seeds along with his faith in God eliminated the tumor and saved his life.

"I have watched first-hand as apricot seed consumption has helped to shrink tumors in almost every cancer patient [with whom] I've dealt," said Vale. "I have also followed horror stories from many of those using highly toxic chemo and radiation therapies."

Vale's legal troubles began when he started selling a concentrated form of the vitamin found in apricot seeds, known as laetrile or amygdalin, to other cancer patients over the Internet.

The FDA is currently refusing comment on this matter, but according to a warning letter sent to Vale in 1998, the agency stated that it considered laetrile to be a "new drug," and as such, was not approved for sale or importation. The FDA obtained an injunction in November 2000, forbidding Vale and his company, Christian Brothers Contracting Corporation, from selling or promoting the use of laetrile as a cancer treatment.

Following undercover investigations by the FDA, the agency alleged that Vale had continued to sell and promote laetrile in violation of the consent decree and recommended in March 2002 that Vale be prosecuted for criminal contempt.

Eliezer Ben-Joseph, a doctor of naturopathy and host of the Natural Solutions talk radio show in El Paso, Texas, describes the government's efforts as "ludicrous."

"It's a vindictive prosecution," said Ben-Joseph. "We're talking about apricots , and yet the government is so drastically opposed to having this information out."

The U.S. government maintains that because Vale made therapeutic claims about his laetrile products, the apricot seeds should be treated as drugs and therefore require FDA approval before they could be sold or distributed within the United States. Furthermore, the government maintains that laetrile has no medicinal benefits. A National Cancer Institute report obtained by CNSNews.com concluded that, "laetrile has shown little anti-cancer activity in animal studies and no anti-cancer activity in human clinical trials."

Ben-Joseph doubted the credibility of those clinical trials, and noted that, "several concerns have been expressed about the way the study was conducted." He pointed out that some recently developed cancer treatments use artificial cyanide, which is very similar to the organic cyanide that laetrile emits.

"It's not a cure; there is no cure for cancer, but there are things that we can do that augment how metabolism works," he noted. "These are chemicals that the body would use to detoxify or get rid of cancer."

Regardless of their efficacy, Ben-Joseph argues, apricot seeds are no more dangerous than other natural remedies, and he believes they should be legal for use as a cancer treatment.

Vale is not alone in touting laetrile as a cure; Donald Factor, the son of cosmetic tycoon Max Factor, sought natural cancer treatment in Mexico 17 years ago. After being treated with laetrile and other natural remedies, Factor's cancer disappeared, and he is still alive today.

And Vale claims that his apricot seed products have helped over 30,000 cancer patients, many of whose personal testaments are documented on Vale's website .

Ben-Joseph considers Vale's case a "freedom issue" and calls the government's prosecution an inappropriate use of the judicial system.

"To make a law that says that the public cannot eat an apricot pit, because they think it might keep people from going to regular cancer therapy, I think is a ludicrous jump in jurisdiction," he said.

Vale also faced legal troubles in 1998 when America Online sued him for allegedly sending over 20 million "spam" e-mail messages to its subscribers. A federal judge awarded AOL $631,585 in damages. Vale and his attorneys could not be reached for comment regarding the AOL case.


Jason Vale has the following message:

Dear Friends and Family,

The jury we begin deliberating again on Monday morning. The court house is at 225 Cadman Plaza East, Brooklyn, N.Y. 11201. Please pray. Sunday morning starts the fast until the jury is out. Some will go until the jury comes back with a verdict and some will fast only for Sunday. I need your prayer as does the many that will be helped after the Lord gives the victory. He has delivered me from death, surely He will deliver me from this situation. The Battle is the Lord's!


1. That the jury's mind is protected from all the influence of the govt.
2. That ministering angels, minister to them along with the Holy Spirit for revelation during their deliberation.
3. That the Lord turn the heart of Judge Gleeson. He told me straight out at a side bar that apricot seeds were a scam and that I was taking advantage of vulnerable cancer victims. He was bias from the beginning for certain reasons. This made it very difficult during trial. I have seen apricot seeds stop cancer in every single case from prevention to stage two. After stage two cancer more intense health therapy is needed. At the site apricotsfromgod.org you can read more about it.
4. That this situation is used to bring God the glory and healing to the nation.
5. For strength and faith


World Arm Wrestling Champ, Jason Vale, Battle with the FDA 

Queens, New York - Jason Vale, a 35 year old, who was terminal with cancer, and went on to become the Arm Wrestling World Champion, is facing another difficult opponent -- the Federal Drug Administration. Jason turned to alternative healing when he came down with cancer for the third time -- and successfully cured his cancer by prayer and eating apricot seeds. The seeds of these fruits contain Vitamin B17, which has been found to have an amazing success in the healing of all types of cancers, as well as in preventing cancer. Top physicians Dr. Kanematsu Sugiura and Dr. John Richardson stood firmly behind their findings that Vitamin B17 stops cancer, although they were shamelessly persecuted by the FDA and the AMA because the Vitamin B17 found in apricot seeds cannot be patented. This simple natural cure for cancer would cut into the mega profits of the multinational Cancer Industry. Apricot seeds, which sell for about $15 a pound, could easily compete with the highly dangerous and toxic chemotherapy and radiation used in standard cancer treatments. With global spending on conventional cancer treatments running into the hundreds of billions dollars annually, any news of a successful anti-cancer treatment extracted from the simple apricot seed would do serious damage to the wealth of the mighty Cancer Inc. http://www.credence.org/doctors.html The effectiveness of apricot seeds in curing cancer is astonishing! Dr. Dean Burk, the former head of the Cytochemistry Department of the National Cancer Institute, and one of the co-founders of this famous American medical institution, has worked on Vitamin B17 personally. He states, "When we add vitamin B17 to a cancer culture under the microscope," said Burk, "providing the enzyme glucosidase also is present, we can see the cancer cells dying off like flies!" Jason Vale has traveled the country in arm wrestling matches since his healing, and has been interviewed by various newspapers, radio stations, and tv shows such as Extra, CNN and the Wall Street Journal. The staff of Extra received such a large number of callers after Jason's interview aired, that they aired his show a second time. Jason began to supply people with apricot seeds and an information video through his company, Christian Brothers, and thereafter thousands called in with success stories ranging from cancer gone to tumors shrinking down. These success stories are all documented at the website: http://www.seedoffaith.org , along with the court documents. (Email: NY@seedoffaith.org) Eventually, without even one customer complaint, the FDA came in and seized apricot seeds and computers and brought Jason to criminal court for promoting this natural answer to cancer. In the summer of 2002 Jason's family had to put liens on their properties to pay the $840,000 bail that was placed on him pending his trial. On July 14, 2003, in the Federal Eastern District of New York courtroom of Judge John Gleeson, Jason lost his Constitutional Rights to be able to continue to tell his story of how he defeated one of the world's most deadliest opponents - cancer. This newsworthy case has been quiet for some time now. Jason has turned down shows such as Date Line, 20-20 and 60 minutes in the past two years. Jason has been in the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, NY since July 21. His sentencing date is scheduled for December 19, 2003, in the Federal Courtroom of Judge John Gleeson, 225 Cadman Plaza East, Brooklyn, NY 11201. He is in need of as much support as possible at his 2:00 p.m. sentencing. Jason can only be visited by his parents, but he can receive letters and cards at this address: Jason Vale #09073-067, Metropolitan Detention Center, P. O. Box 329002, Brooklyn, NY 11232. He can also receive books and magazines mailed directly from a publishing company with "Approved By Bureau of Prisons Policy" on the packing slip.


Jason Vale VS Mike Ayello at NYAWA Hall of Fame Practice 


Jason Vale MA 1995 VS Jerry Cadorette 


The Profit Of Not Curing Cancer 

This is an article which I wrote that was published in Monetary Intelligence Magazine in March 2009. It’s clear that the hype we receive on a great many “studies and statistics” from our government agencies is misleading at best. As someone who has gone through her own cancer scare, this information makes me feel so abandoned by a country I love.

History of Errors

cigaretteIn the December 1959 issue of American Medical Association Journal, an editorial was published that boldly stated there was insufficient evidence “to warrant the assumption” that cigarette smoking was the principal factor in the increase of lung cancer. Who were the medical experts who authored such blatant falsehoods? Dr. Ian MacDonald, a prominent cancer surgeon, and Dr. Henry Garland, an internationally recognized specialist in radiology. These two individuals made national headlines with their claims. In fact, Dr. Garland specifically stated that cigarette smoking was actually beneficial as a tranquilizer. MacDonald even went on to note that smoking was a “harmless pastime”— even up to 24 cigarettes per day without consequence. He even went so far as to suggest “a pack a day keeps the cancer away.”

vitamin-b17Fast forward to the mid 1960s and 1970s. Doctors Garland and MacDonald were used by government and health agencies to again submit an “expert” opinion regarding the use of laetrile, aka Vitamin B-17, aka nitrilocides on cancer patients. In spite of countless studies by renowned doctors, clinics, universities and specialists worldwide that showed the contrary, Garland and MacDonald claimed that no direct benefits were viable. Neither Garland nor MacDonald ever tested or used laetrile themselves. They merely compiled a mountain of other fraudulent or derelict research data and presented it as factual. What’s interesting is how these two doctors, and countless other trusted professionals in the medical and research industry, have been used to sacrifice medical integrity and cover up information for the sole purpose of the monetary well-being and profit of the medical industry. Unfortunately, that criminal practice continues today . . . particularly with cancer.

Who’s Hiding What?

world-without-cancer-g-edward-griffinEvidence is mounting that the FDA, the American Medical Association and the American Cancer Society are deliberately hindering American citizens from having access to laetrile, a natural substance which has a proven record to prevent, cure and minimize the effects of cancer. Given that there are hundreds of thousands of cancer fatalities each year, it’s no wonder that expert author G. Edward Griffin calls this “an act of genocide” by the FDA and its other cohorts.

Which begs the question: If there was an easily accessible nutrient that could aid the cure and prevention of cancer, why would such entities fight against its release to the general public? Who would want to hide a cure for cancer and what motivation would they have for perpetrating such an act of horror? My answer to such questions usually starts with “Follow the money.” It always comes down to money.

pharmaceutical-profitA study conducted by USA Today shows that over 50 percent of all of the cowardly experts which have been hired to advise the government on the merits of laetrile and any other proposed medicines have heavily-involved financial relationships with the pharmaceutical industry. In other words, their paychecks are affected by their research. If their research were to uncover a non-patentable substance to cure a widespread disease, they would have to pound the pavement for a new job.

In 1971, the FDA reported to an Ad Hoc Committee of Consultants for Review and Evaluation of Laetrile that laetrile could no longer be promoted, sold or even tested in the United States. Why would the FDA treat a natural occurring substance of everyday fruits and vegetables with more alarm and restrictions than it would illegal drugs, poisons and unconventional medicines? Simple: there is no financial or political benefit to endorsing it.

A patent for laetrile is unobtainable since it is a naturally occurring substance. Real money can only be made if you’ve got a medical patent. So, instead of losing millions of dollars in lobbying monies, hundreds of thousands of jobs in research and medicine, our nation would rather force its citizens to flee to foreign shores to access the freedom of choice in treating their cancer without poisons, cutting or burning, and more importantly, by accessing a method that has a higher rate of success than any medical practice put forth now in the U.S. for the treatment of cancer.

drdean-burkIn some studies, cancer patients have had an 82 percent improvement rate. There aren’t any other current “anti-cancer” methods that can boast such results, especially without doing harm elsewhere to the body of a cancer victim. 1972, Dr. Dean Burk, director of cytochemistry section of the federal governments National Cancer Institute, reported, “When we add Laetrile to a cancer culture under the microscope providing the enzyme glucosidase also is present, we can see the cancer cells dying off like flies.” The combination of glucosidase and laetrile would occur in human beings 100 percent of the time, as glucosidase is found prevalently in the small intestines. During his participation in the Seventh International Congress of Chemotherapy held in Prague in 1971, Dr. Burk also stated “Laetrile appears to work against many forms of cancer including lung cancer. And it is absolutely non-toxic.”

Laetrile is widely used in Mexico, Australia, Russia, Brazil, Belgium, Philippines, Costa Rica, England, Germany, Greece, Japan, Spain and Switzerland in treating cancer, just to name a few. Are all of the medical and research teams of all of these countries wrong on their views of laetrile? Each year, Mexico and Germany receive thousands of U.S. visitors for laetrile treatment. Some patients are not only able to lead longer lives but are able to fully recover and lead healthy lives.

hunza-apricots1Apricots are considered sacred and a show of wealth by the famous Hunza tribe in the Himalayan mountains. The more apricot trees they own, the wealthier they are considered to be. The most prized food in this tribe is the apricot seed. This tribe has never had any known instance of cancer among them. Their traditional diet contains over 200% more nitriloside than the American diet.

The Abkhazians which reside deep in the Caucasus Mountains also experience the same health profile as the Hunza. Additionally the Hopi, Modoc and Navajo Indians have had a very low rate of cancer among them. In fact, it’s believed by many medical experts who support the use of a diet rich in nitrilosides that such incidences of cancer are brought about as a result of the “civilization” of these tribes as they replace their diet with that more like the rest of America. The Hopi and Navajo tribes were found to regularly ingest as much as 800 milligrams of nitriloside a day. This phenomenon has continued to be observed in both tropic and arctic regions of the world.

Follow the Money

The average patient will spend between $5,000 and $25,000 for laetrile treatment and rarely need recurring treatment. Compare this to the average cost for U.S. cancer treatment at $55,000 a year—without complications. This does not include the costs for making the patient more comfortable at home. These costs can run as much as an additional 35 percent with complications. For some, cancer treatment costs are so high they can actually prevent any treatment. Last year alone, over $219 billion was spent by patients just on medical costs of cancer treatment. This does not include the nearly $300 billion that was raised and contributed for cancer research. Yes, not curing cancer is a very profitable business for those involved in research and supposed preventative pharmaceuticals.

doctor-drug-prescriptionThe money is so attractive that many researchers and doctors actually counterfeit studies and research in order to get some of the money. Between 1977 and 1980 it was determined that 62 doctors had manipulated the research data which they had provided and pocketed the fees. In 1973, a study created by the FDA itself showed that 1 out of 5 doctors would invent research data on the effect of new drugs and submit it for publication.

American drug companies pay doctors as much as $1,000 per patient to test and use their drugs on patients. This compromises the medical integrity of a doctor treating a patient if they know there’s a big check waiting in their bank account when a certain drug is used. This is in addition to the surgery and office fees charged by the doctors to treat patients. What monetary incentives do doctors, scientists, cancer organizations and politicians have to promote the effective use of a naturally occurring substance such as laetrile? None. Not one penny.

Cause and Effect

Even without big cash rewards on the line for not promoting a natural substance for the cure of cancer, is it any wonder there are misperceptions on laetrile among the medical and lay professionals? With so much misinformation being invented by so-called experts, it’s no wonder that the majority of doctors think laetrile is downright quackery. How could anyone relying strictly on hearsay and politically motivated grapevines think differently?

vitamin-b171Research shows that none of the experts who oppose the use of laetrile ever actually used it, researched it, or did more than read information which was dispensed by others who were also inexperienced in developing their professional conclusions. Now there are generations of medical professionals misinformed on the use of laetrile—professionals viewing fiction as fact because the proper research was never performed by the FDA in the first place.

In the 1970’s, when a highly regarded scientist was actually used by the FDA to test laetrile, he came to the same conclusion as so many experts worldwide that laetrile was effective in the treatment of cancer. However, this did not bode well with the financial motive of the FDA. Instead they elected to make use of the high percentage of errors which can occur in the study and research of a medical treatment and chose to repeat laetrile testing again and again until their desired results could be founded. Evidence of research error abounds as noted by Dr. Trelford of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Ohio State University Hospital notes. Dr. Trelford states that “chemotherapy of gynecological tumors does not appear to have increased life expectancy except in sporadic cases.”

Additionally, a report by the Southern Research Institute based on research conducted for the National Cancer Institute stated that “most of the accepted drugs in the American Cancer Society’s ‘proven cure’ category produced cancer in laboratory animals that previously had been healthy!” Ultimately the scientist’s whose studies supported the use of laetrile was labeled as a quack, and the tests were ordered to be repeated again and again while making unscientific changes in the doses administered, and convoluting the tracking of the subjects. Additionally the FDA chose to use exercise an unprecedented high and unrealistic standards of success on the laetrile studies in order that it may be deemed ineffective. Ultimately, the FDA got their studies to “show” that laetrile was “quackery”.

jason-valeSo, the question remains. What are we to do? Frankly, until the Laetrilegate Scandal is fully exposed, the FDA will continue to perpetuate their politically and economically charged agenda—an agenda that now comes with legal results for anyone trying to sell or promote laetrile. National arm wrestling champion Jason Vale, who claimed that his kidney and pancreas were cured by eating apricot seeds—an organic of laetrile—was convicted in 2003 for, among other things, marketing laetrile. The US Food and Drug Administration continues to seek jail sentences for vendors selling laetrile for cancer treatment, calling it a “highly toxic product that has not shown any effect on treating cancer.” Yet laetrile can be found in common foods like almonds, apple seeds and black cherries.

radiation-chemotherapyHundreds of thousands of cancer patients who undergo surgery, radiation, or chemotherapy die every year, yet these treatments continue to be touted as “safe and effective” by the FDA and the medical and pharmaceutical industry at large. Not a single death of a cancer patient has ever been attributed to the supervised use of laetrile. In fact, there are numerous studies which have shown even the most advance forms of cancer have been able to enjoy more time even though they did not begin a laetrile treatment until they were on death’s door.

Ultimately, the answer to the question “What are we to do” is up to you.



Jason Vale, Champion arm wrestler has fought and cured cancer 3 times 

Jason Vale, Champion arm wrestler has fought and cured cancer 3 times through eating raw apple and apricot seeds that contain a little known vitamin B17. The Big Pharmaceutical giants don't want people to know this little fact so they have encouraged the FDA to ban the sale of raw apricot or Vitamin B17 ~ Amygdalin Laetrile as it is also known. You can however order the seeds online from other countries. Search the web... there are endless testimonials of persons that have sent various cancers into complete remission because of these little seeds. God Bless you... there is always a way to LIFE in his Kingdom!

This article gives a good low-down on the politics of cancer "research". The Cancer Industry has a perfect crime set up. They have invented an "incurable disease" that only they can treat their expensive ways that inevitably kill most people. Meanwhile they know it's curable and rake in billions every year to research it more and more and more. It is circular logic. The cancer cures are towards the bottom. They have done statistics on patients that receive conventional treatments and patients that underwent no treatment. You were statistically better off with NO TREATMENT.

New science proves that cancer is reversible
Organized medicine insists that cancer cannot be cured


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Jason's Story told through news interviews and clips. 

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