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The Story of "Stop Prostate Cancer Today".

by Shannon Johnson Alvarado on Monday, January 9, 2012 at 3:18am

When my dad was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer, he was devastated. When he sat me down to tell me, he put on a brave face and was more worried about me than himself. My dad and I have always had a very special bond. He is my best friend and has provided a wonderful life for me and my two sisters, never once thinking of himself. He did more than most fathers would do and never let anyone hurt his daughters. After years of selflessness and dedication, it was time for my dad to think of himself. All my dad wanted is to be able to retire to his lake house when he turned 65 and finally get a little rest for all the thousands of work hours he had put in for his family. Dad had already conquered a mild heart attack in 2005. At that time he changed his diet and started looking at what the foods he was putting into his body were doing to his health. Dad has never been overweight and never smoked and maybe had a drink every few months. My dad always represented a pillar of strength. He has always been my rock. When we learned of his cancer 2 years ago, the only thing that crossed our minds was to FIND A CURE. Dad was getting advice from everyone as to which remedy was the best one for him. He had refused to have a Prostatectomy. He was determined not to change his quality of life. My dad did not like the sound of what could happen as a result of this type of surgery. Finally my dad decided on radiation seed therapy. After all, thousands of men have had this type of treatment and have had successful results for years. This was an easy surgery with very little recovery time. So, my dad had the surgery, recovered well, and was optimistic that he was done with cancer. Little did he know that within 16 months the cancer would return. When his doctor delivered the news that his cancer was back, the shock and disbelief was overwhelming. I mean, how? Are they mistaking? No, they were right. The treatment that worked for so many, had failed my dad. When my dad once again sat me down to tell me that his cancer was back, I!
r feeling sad, angry, and distraught. I was mad at the doctors. I was mad at my dad's body for not being as strong as I had always thought it was. I was mad at myself for allowing my dad to put so much energy and time into his kids. Immediately, I began researching treatments to see what else the doctors could do. When my dad told me that he was going to try something that was told to him when he was initially diagnosed, I gracefully ignored the whole concept and continued my search. My final conclusion was Proton therapy which was a new therapy which targets the cancerous tissue without harming the surrounding healthy tissue. My dad changed his eating habits and incorporated specific cancer fighting foods into his diet daily. He decided to lean on faith and believe that God has a better way of treating his cancer.

Three months went by. Dad headed off to his first PSA testing since he had been told his cancer was back. The doctor told my dad that he could barely feel any lump if any, and told him that the reading for his PSA test would be in soon and would call him with the results. Anxiously waiting for the results as days passed, all we could do was hope that the natural food therapy was at least keeping his cancer from spreading. To me, this would be just as good as any news that we could have gotten. I still had no faith in this "proven" remedy, even though my dad's friend Warren used this remedy and has been prostate and colon cancer free for over 10 years and with no other medical treatments. All I could think was either he was just really, really lucky or by crazy chance, he was right and I was just as naive as the rest of the world.

The day finally arrived when the test results were in. Dad had gotten the dreaded phone call and to his surprise, the news was GOOD news. His PSA level had gone from 2.9 to 2.1 in just three months. Elated with the news, I immediately started REALLY researching this remedy and found that there are MANY people who have cured themselves by simply eating apricot seeds (which contain Laetrile/B17) , juicing, drinking almond milk and eating foods rich in Lycopene; not to mention cut out sugar (which feeds cancer), red meat and cow's milk. Warren told my dad that he needed more sleep and to cut down on stress. Of course it would help if my father's dependent children (me included) would be a little less dependent on dear old dad. My dad is a rare type for he discouraged us from leaving home. My dad took care of all of our little problems that would come up. I have never truly felt "on my own". My dad's loyalty to his children did more harm than good actually. Even today, I am convinced that my dad has all the answers and will make sure everything is okay in my life. I have stressed to my dad that I could not possibly make it in life without him (which is something that I believe, but probably should not have said to him). I am pretty sure he agrees. I have spent hours learning about Prostate Cancer. I have spent countless hours learning about cures, treatments and old wives tales. My life is dedicated to my dad at this time. I will do whatever it takes to give a fraction back to him that he has given to me.

Anyway, I started to believe that Warren had stumbled onto something, but was not totally convinced. I continued to research studies (outside the claims that Laetrile has no benefit to cancer) and I actually found out that many years ago people had eaten apricot seeds regularly in their diets daily, which cut the cases of cancer by half or more. Now it was time to find out why every American is not aware that this works and why can I not get a clear answer out of a doctor as to the benefits of Laetrile. After extensive research, I find that the one organization that most Americans put their trust in, the FDA, had banned the sale of apricot seeds as well as refuse to accept the truth about them, thus not allowing physicians to recommend this "home remedy". In fact, the FDA had jailed a man for selling apricot seeds after he was cured of his cancer and without the help of traditional medical remedies. This man was called crazy even with proof that the Laetrile cured his cancer, the FDA shut him down. Why? It's simple. Apricot seeds are naturally grown and are not money makers. How can something so simple and so easily available be outlawed in the great USA? In fact, the mere growing of apricot trees became illegal in America. Imagine that; a God given fruit banned in the good ole USA. Eventually, the FDA had no choice but to legalize the sale of apricot seeds, which are now available online at a fraction of the cost of most prescriptions. Oh and what happened to the man who was jailed? The judge ordered his release and issued a statement to the FDA that it appears that the only thing this man is guilty of is trying to help people. Well that was after he was locked up for MANY years. Even so, the battle is far from over. To this day, doctors are not allowed to recommend apricot seeds for cancer treatment because according to the FDA, Laetrile is poisonous and has to be regulated. No, before you ask, the FDA continues to refuse doctors the right to prescribe apricot seeds in order to regulate the use and do!
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the seeds. Why? Once again, it all comes down to the all mighty dollar and how much money would be lost with this discovery. The pharmaceuticals would lose money. The doctors would lose money. The FDA would lose money. What is the end result? The FDA allows the medical industry to administer expensive treatments such as chemotherapy (poison), radiation (poison) as well as other "remedies" that have awful side effects. Lupron hormonal therapy is used to treat the effects of cancer. It also causes severe depression, mood swings, hot flashes, can cause anemia, not to mention the sexual side effects. Generally, hormone therapy is used once the cancer has started to spread. I have had personal experience with Lupron. I had received a shot of this great stuff when I was 27 years old. After a month of complete hell, I started to feel normal again. The one side effect that never went away is I am extremely hot natured and have hot flashes on and off weekly. Imagine, ONE shot of this stuff and it changed my body permanently. By the way, I am 41. Eventually the FDA banned Lupron shots to be administered for the treatment of endometriosis which is a female reproductive disease. That was fine by me. I would never go through that again.

Anyway, my dad continued to eat the apricot seeds (which are bitter, but he says you get used to it) as instructed by Warren the nutritionist. I mean, after 10 years of being cancer free, how could he NOT become a nutritionist?

Three more months went by and with all hope that this last PSA reading would merit positive results, my dad entered into his doctor's office determined now more than ever to show these "educated" people that this remedy, which has been practiced for years, actually works. However, he was smart, and has yet to actually mention this "home remedy" to his doctor. He was hoping the PSA result would speak for itself. Regardless of his faith in his secret cancer treatment, when my dad went to the doctor for this most recent visit, he was prepared for a biopsy for this was what the doctor told him he was going to do; HOWEVER, the doctor told my dad that whatever he could feel, which really wasn't much, had not grown. The doctor told my dad he had no reason to do the biopsy at this time and my dad would receive a letter in the mail with his PSA results. I sure would have liked to have known what the doctor was thinking at that time.

After a week or two or three, whatever it was, the letter finally arrived. Dad was at his lake house at the time and I was the one who took the letter out of the mailbox. I was not sure what it was because it was from the urologist and really, what do I know about these doctors and what they do? I called my dad immediately and told him he had received a letter or bill or whatever from the doctor's office and asked him if this was his PSA results. My dad responded to me "It could be". Then my dad instructed me to "carefully open" the letter (not tearing it open like a rabid dog like I usually do when I open mail) and read the letter to him. As I read the letter, I was filled with excitement even before I had read it to my dad (I skimmed the contents of the letter and knew what it meant). The letter stated that my dad's PSA level has gone down from 2.1 to 0.7..... IN JUST THREE MONTHS! Once I read the letter to my dad, he sat there a moment and said "boy that is what I wanted to hear". I could hear the relief in his voice and I could tell he was smiling from ear to ear. My dad is more determined now to get that level to 0. One thing about my dad.....when he sets his mind on something, it gets done. I have never seen anyone more disciplined and driven (by the will to live at that lake house and not for just a year, or two or three which he spent over 10 years building by hand) to rid his body of cancer. In closing, the letter stated that the doctor would like to see my dad in six months for another testing. Nothing further is needed at this time.

As of today, I am fully confident that my dad's bout with cancer will eventually be just a bad memory. I have joined my dad in having complete faith in what God has provided to us humans as natural remedies for sickness. I have to ask God for forgiveness for doubting His abilities. I am more determined each day to share my dad's experience with others. I will continue to share my testimony on my Facebook page regardless of how many people choose to believe. The battle is not over yet; but I can see it coming. The very least has already happened.

I can only say "thank you so much" from the bottom of my heart to Warren who showed us that it's not always "too good to be true"; AND to the countless testimonies of others who have cured themselves of cancer by having enough self-motivation and discipline to try one of the oldest remedies out there. I want to especially thank Jason Vale for never giving up even when imprisoned for his discoveries. You have shown that no matter what, the truth does eventually come out. You are my HERO! Thank you.

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